Inspired by @leahgayle !! 🎭 #draftmas
  1. It was my senior year of high school.
    I was in every single drama club show and then some since I was a Freshman.
  2. I finally got THE lead!
    I was Pseudolus in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. I was finally the big fish in the high school drama club pond.
  3. Opening night was great.
  4. Then we had our second show on Saturday.
    It was the last performance of that weekend, then we'd do 2 more the next weekend.
  5. We got halfway through act two.
  6. I was playing a male role (without acknowledging it or trying to act masculine.)
  7. I was doing a scene with my male friend (who came out to everyone much later, to no great surprise, but was my middle school 'boyfriend'!) and he was playing a male character who is in drag to portray a dead woman.
    There are a lot of layers to unpack there. Take your time.
  8. So we're singing this song where I'm convincing him he's so pretty as a woman so he'll pretend to be the corpse.
    It's very funny. I'm a con artist, he's overdoing it on loving the praise, the audience is laughing.
  9. I'm going down on one knee at the end of the number, proposal style.
    My right knee hadn't quite lowered to the floor yet.
  10. Something in my right knee pops.
  11. I fell down onto my butt.
    It's nbd to the audience though, because it's the end of this ridiculous song, and everyone is laughing and clapping.
  12. My mom said she saw the look on my face from the audience and knew something was wrong.
    Momma senses 💙 So she booked it out of the auditorium to find a teacher.
  13. Somehow I knew I dislocated my knee.
    It never happened before (or since) but I could tell that's what it was?
  14. So I took forever to get myself to stand again and realized it felt really swollen all around my knee from above to below and hurt really badly.
  15. But, I had so much adrenaline pumping through me.
  16. And I'm onstage, you don't just STOP, 'cause... you can't?
    Well, I know people who have, but I didn't even consider that as an option?
  17. So I just kept saying my lines and realized I could put some weight on my right foot to hobble-walk.
  18. The problem was I was onstage almost constantly for the remainder of this play full of zany shenanigans.
    So remember how I wanted soooo badly to be the lead? Be careful what you wish for.
  19. There was a chase scene right before the ending.
    😐 I know, right?
  20. I finally had the chance to limp off stage for the first time after the injury, and the assistant stage manager was PLAYING HIS F-ING GAMEBOY.
  21. I was like "ERIC! I DISLOCATED MY KNEE!"
  22. And he was like 😧 because in the whole damn place only my mom noticed????
    I waited to sob till I was offstage but I'd been silently crying.
  23. So I think he was like "Do you want ice? Do you have to stop?" I think I just told him to tell people.
  24. I was just feeling ADRENALINE and thinking THE SHOW MUST GO ON!
    This is why I'm a glory seeking Gryffindor. Anyway.
  25. The show went on. Including the slowest chase scene in history, and the finale.
  26. I was crying backstage before my bow entrance and then put on a huge fake smile to go out and do that one last thing that should be fun.
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    If you've seen the movie "All That Jazz" where he looks in the mirror every morning and says "It's showtime, folks" to put on his fake enthusiasm - it was like that.
  27. And then the curtain closed and the stage managers gave me a chair and ice and my mom came over.
  28. She drove me to the emergency room.
  29. I was still wearing my costume.
  30. My costume was a toga.
  31. I don't think I had to wait.
  32. I got pain medicine.
    Strong pain medicine.
  33. The doctor confirmed I dislocated my kneecap.
  34. But it had luckily popped back into place right away.
    Otherwise I couldn't have kept going.
  35. He said if it was still out of place what he does is he would start talking to the patient about something else and then surprise them by popping it back into place.
    Wtf. I guess because it would hurt so much? Doctors of List App, why would he say that?
  36. But anyway I got crutches and was on pain medicine.
  37. He told me to go to an orthopedist or something the next day.
  38. I got a brace by the next weekend and did the rest of the shows.
    Like a CHAMP.
  39. I got an elevator key at school.
    🔐 that makes you royalty at a school with five flights of stairs.
  40. The best part is is on the way out of the ER, on heavy drugs, I told a doctor I came from Ancient Rome seeking quality healthcare.
    😂 Painkillers, y'all.
  41. Later I found out my kneecaps are slightly higher than where they should be.
    It's called "Patella Alta"
  42. But most importantly, and even though it was entirely an unconscious effect of adrenaline, I made sure the show went on.
    And I'm still proud of you for that one, high school Liz.
  43. THE END