Cats and misandry in list form on a shirt?! Terrific.
  1. A CAT is never late to dinner.
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  2. CATS are always interested in cuddling.
  3. If your CAT fools around too much you can have him neutered.
  4. A CAT really does know its way without stopping for directions.
  5. CATS don't need to go out for catnip with other cats.
  6. If your CAT stays out late, you usually don't lose any sleep over it.
  7. If you stay out late, your CAT won't interrogate you the next day.
  8. CATS love when your mother comes over to visit for the weekend.
  9. CATS don't care how much time you spend in the bathroom or on the phone.
  10. A CAT doesn't need to know how many other cats you've been with.
  11. It's easy to train a CAT.
  12. CATS love to see you come home from shopping with lots of bags!