I rewatched this on tv tonight for the first time since '09 because I clearly have an active social life. This is how little real character development Summer has.
  1. Her name is Summer Finn.
  2. She is from Shinnecock, Michigan.
  3. Her parents got divorced.
  4. The only two things she has believed in since her parents' divorce were her long dark hair, and how easily she could cut it off and not feel a thing.
  5. The quote in her yearbook was a line from one her favorite bands, Belle and Sebastian. It reads "Color my life with the chaos of trouble." The album then spiked in popularity locally.
  6. She is by all "scientific standards" a normal girl but when she served ice cream there were a ton of male customers, she gets a lower rent on apartments, and she gets double takes on the bus.
  7. She moved to LA over the weekend because 'she was bored' and got the full time job at the greeting card company later that same week.
  8. She loves Ringo Starr because no one else loves him.
  9. She tries to say people can dress however they like and Tom dismisses it.
  10. She thinks about getting a butterfly tattoo on her ankle but Tom says no don't do that.
  11. Things Tom loves about her: (all physical.)
    I love her smile. I love her hair. I love her knees. I love how she licks her lips before she talks. I love her heart-shaped birthmark on her neck. I love it when she sleeps.
  12. Things Tom hates about her: (all physical.)
    I hate her crooked teeth. I hate her 1960s haircut. I hate her knobby knees. I hate her cockroach-shaped splotch on her neck. I hate the way she smacks her lips before she talks. I hate the way she sounds when she laughs.
  13. She dated a hot rower in high school.
  14. She dated a girl named Charlie in college.
  15. She had a fling abroad with a man named Puma.
  16. She loves all the same music and books and activities and small fascinations as Tom.
  17. He gets so mad when she doesn't fall in love with him what the HELL Summer how dare you, I deserve the boyfriend reward. You said I couldn't be in a serious relationship with you first thing, but I did all the things so if you don't promise to love me forever right now you're a tease!!!!
  18. She was right, if he just TRIED to be an architect he WOULD do better than his steady office job! It DOES work like that!
  19. I just realized this movie would make so much more sense if they were in high school. Right?
  20. So, coming next summer, my debut film "500 Days of Senior Year."
  21. Ugh