1. ((This is the 'My Album' prompt))
  2. ((I only wrote titles, BTW.))
    The songs do not exist.
  3. ((For a class project in 2008 "about me"))
    You had I think two minutes to use three elements of theatrical production to do a presentation of "Who I Am." I gave everyone in the class a 'playbill' with the following:
  4. Act One:
  5. Scene 1: A Hospital, 1989.
    "Hey, hey, Elizabeth H!"
  6. Scene 2: The Same Hospital, 1991
    "Beth's Baby Brother"
  7. Scene 3: A Private Elementary School, 1997
    "Jealousy (Quartet)"
  8. Scene 4: A Drama Camp, 2000
    "Got a Gold Star"
  9. Scene 5: A Public Middle School, 2001
    "I Thought All Public School Kids Did Drugs... (rap)"
  10. Scene 6: A Public High School, 2003
    "(I'm Gonna Be) An Overachiever"
  11. Act Two:
  12. Scene 1: A Theatre, 2005
    "Save It For Your Acting / In Defense of Angst"
  13. Scene 2: A Living Room, 2006
    "Mono Mia!"
  14. Scene 3: A Hospital, 2006
    "Definitely Not Acting / In Response To Angst"
  15. Scene 4: A Series of Rehearsal Rooms, 2007
    "The Need to Succeed (Montage)"
  16. Scene 5: A Living Room, 2007
    "Got A Gold Star (Acceptance Reprise)"
  17. Scene 6: A College Dorm, 2008
    "I Enjoy That In My Life!"
  18. Scene 7: On This Stage, Today
    "Who I Am (Hey, Hey, Elizabeth H!)"
  19. ((I turned off the lights and there was a radio commercial about rave reviews for the show all about who is Liz.))
  20. ((And then the lights came on and there was a nervous voiceover that today's performance had been cancelled because Liz "doesn't really know who she is."))
  21. ((And that was it. All that build up of jokes and words and then... disappointment. Nothing.))
  22. ((It's been 8 YEARS since this project and obviously a great deal has happened since then.))
  23. ((But I very much stand by this representation of me!))