The Weird, Creepy Burger King.

Located in good ol' DC near Van Ness.
  1. Looks like a Burger King from the outside...
    A sign, drive through, etc...
  2. Inside: A 90's movie theater?
    Yes, those are bikes and mannequins of the ET kids hanging from the ceiling. That a sign for a movie theater that does not exist, and never did.
  3. This has ALWAYS been a BK.
    Though you may doubt my claim, I went to this drive through in 1994. That date lives in infamy because I was five and back then Volvo 'cup holders' were on the dashboard up high, in front of the radio. We drove through to get food, parked, and I sat up front to eat and quickly squeezed a full soda into the radio by mistake. Family lore, precise in time, proves this is a long-standing Burger King.
  4. Again, not a movie theater.
    Never was.
  5. Why is all this here then?
    No one currently working there knows.
  6. Nothing changes inside.
    Except fading, and dust.
  7. I googled theories on why this place is so stuck in time and creepy.
    There wasn't much.
  8. One comment referenced the "Rockin' McDonalds" idea they rolled out at limited locations in the '80s.
    These were just a lesser version of Hard Rock Cafe decor, I think.
  9. A friend her 30's recalls one of said "Rockin' McDonalds" in a mall in nearby Maryland.
    It has since de-Rockin'd itself.
  10. The theory the guy online had was this was a set up for a movie themed BK competitor to the trend.
    "Beta testing" the theme, so to speak.
  11. But that died long ago.
    We're gonna need a bigger bun!
  12. So why is all this dusty creepy gear still here?
    There was a ball pit in the basement, which I'm afraid to go back and check on because that's so so so creepy.
  13. There's news they're gonna pave paradise- sorry, knock down the creepy BK - and put up a Chik-Fil-A.
  14. Until then, you can eat your lukewarm Whopper in this Batmobile Booth and feel how strange it is when time stopped in the 90's.
    Grey Olive Gardens...