Inspired & encouraged by a list by teenage @lenadunham in hopes it will manifest the love of my life.
  1. Empathetic.
  2. Expresses his feelings, good and bad, and listens to mine.
  3. A sense of humor that can genuinely make me laugh.
  4. Believes in the same equality and human rights I do, e.g. feminist, pro-choice, never racist or homophobic or transphobic.
  5. Understanding, willing to learn, and not afraid of me re: my mental health when I open that Pandora's box of an issue.
  6. Has at least one passion in life, a topic he really loves (or loves to work on)
  7. Won't cheat on me, or keep big secrets from me.
  8. Accepts how I look and doesn't shame me about it.
  9. Would not pressure me re: a decision on having kids.
  10. Does not expect me to do all housework/cleaning/cooking.
    Super ideally, wants to do all the cooking!
  11. Gives me alone time if I need it.
  12. Must love cats.
  13. Intelligent, but not a show off or needs a certain degree - just witty and can hold his own in conversations.
  14. Likes theatre, or could cultivate an interest in it.
  15. Not interested in dangerous sports/hobbies.
  16. Not too vanilla ;P wink wink.
  17. Non-smoker.
    Fuck cancer.
  18. Has enough confidence in me not to feel jealous.
  19. In it for the long run, but not in a rush.