Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Chug Diet Coke all morning and afternoon
    Blah blah aspartame blah blah. I hate the taste of regular Coke and need the caffeine.
  2. Live a very sedentary lifestyle
    I'm afraid of injury and traumatized by a history of hating everything about physical activity. I don't have the mental or physical energy to move more.
  3. I love fast food.
    Just have a meal appear for me right away, okay? I don't realize I'm hungry till I'm starving and then I need the food right away. I get repulsed by the idea of cooking when I'm not hungry. Something is 100% wrong with me.
  4. I take a lot of maintenance medications and sometimes I f it up and can't fill something on time and skip doses.
  5. I have a slight allergy to fruits so I use this as an excuse to never bother with them.
    Oral Allergy Syndrome aka my mouth gets itchy when I eat raw fruit with tree pollen proteins...
  6. I love sodium and sugar.
  7. Why yes, I have been known to blaze a dank bowl on the semi regular.
    Apparently this surprises EVERYONE about me and is super off brand?
  8. My denial of all the rules to achieve proper sleep and staying up for no reason or binge sleeping.
  9. Spending so many hours a day staring at a computer screen / phone screen / tv screen.
  10. Using Qtips in my ears.
  11. Forgetting to wash my face at the end of the day and laying in bed like "forget it"
  12. Drowning myself in self pity, wallowing in my pain, feeling sorry for myself, and loathing myself for all of the above
  13. Clinging to certain flawed forms of thought such as catastrophic thinking and black and white thinking and fortune telling.
  14. I don't floss enough.
  15. I'm way overdue for a lot of doctor visits.
  16. Have had a longstanding plan of action and timing for my own death 👻
  17. Gave up on my creativity and dreams in favor of health care and a salary.
  18. Turn my online postings late at night way too personal...
  19. Wash my hands too fast vs. how long is recommended.
  20. Got that poor posture goin' on!