Listing as my 26 year old self with successful friends, a tendency toward dramatic self-destruction, and mediocre failures. Thank you once again for seeing my world so well @girlshbo @lenadunham @jennikonner aaaand wouldn't Jenny Slate would be so great at List App?!
  1. Hannah: "I could do what my instinct is, which is to run around and destroy things and scream and try to throw myself in front of a van to make a point, but at the end of the day that would just me fulfilling all their expectations of me... and I would love to surprise someone sometime."
  2. Tally: "Look at you. You’ve had all these like, boyfriends and jobs and moments… and you’ve lived all this truth. (Hannah: "Well it didn’t feel like very much while it was happening.") "But it is much. And you have so much to say."
  3. When Tally and Hannah just get super high and laugh at the fucking ridiculous shitty timing of life.