💋 a kinda romantic Valentine's Day list 💋
  1. He has really bad handwriting and I have really good handwriting.
  2. He's an optimist and I'm a pessimist.
  3. I'm addicted to social media and he legitimately does not even have a Facebook account.
  4. He's a morning person and I'm a night owl.
  5. He's an introvert and I'm an extrovert.
    (Myers Briggs: I'm an ENFJ and he's an INFP.)
  6. He's balding and I have super long hair.
  7. He has a PC and I have a Mac.
  8. He likes spicy international foods and I eat like a child.
  9. He likes to drink and I like to smoke.
  10. He's excited to go skiing and that sounds like my worst nightmare.
  11. He grew up in the country and I grew up in the busy suburbs.
  12. He's really good at math, and I'm really terrible at math.
  13. He is low maintenance and I am high maintenance.
  14. He has barely any stuff in his room and my room is always messy.
  15. He and his family are not judgmental and my family and I are super judgmental of all the things.
  16. He can't remember any celebrity names and I somehow know even the obscure names.
  17. He has no experience with riding the buses or Uber and half my travel is bus or Uber.
  18. He likes all kinds of music so doesn't have his own specific selections and I have dozens of playlists and mix tapes.
  19. He'll annoy his cats on purpose and if I make my cat move when I need to stand up I feel terrible.
  20. He avoids going to the doctor and all I do is go to the doctor.
  21. He doesn't have Netflix and I love my Netflix.
  22. He's into me and I'm into him AWWW