I'm putting my future in your hands, Li.st
  1. I am very creative.
  2. I would consider getting a master's degree if necessary.
  3. I'm a really great writer/reader/communicator.
  4. I'm more than good with computers, but less than a coding genius or something.
  5. I don't feel the urge like some people to have a job where I make a difference / help people. I'd be ok with making more money and "selling out."
  6. I am good at customer service but don't like it. It's boring to get yelled at for the things you can't change.
  7. I'm terrible at math.
  8. I'm great on the phone or presenting a project.
  9. No really physical labor aspect please.
  10. I'm not interested in teaching. It would be a "those who can't do" situation for me and kids who didn't want to be there would drive me crazy.
  11. Jobs my depression and therefore lifestyle prevent me from being able to handle:
  12. Any career that is unreliable with employment. I would love to be an actor or director but the long periods of unemployment would go horribly for me.
  13. The same goes for self-employment / freelancing from home. They would be isolating and I wouldn't do well enforcing my own work.
  14. A rough schedule is not okay because I need sleep.
  15. Rough emotional jobs are out because I definitely take on the stress level of the room.
  16. My childhood dream jobs were: "animal scientist" (play with cats but not hurt them) flautist, ballerina, mom, Broadway star, interior designer, fashion designer, comic strip (not book) artist.
  17. I want to live in a city.
  18. I studied acting and directing in college.
  19. I just worked in customer relations/membership/database whatever you wanna call it for a non-profit for 2 and a half years.
  20. No fundraising jobs please I hate begging.
  21. I am totally willing to learn Photoshop.
  22. I like justice and forensics but I was really bad at chemistry and my parents went to law school and both say not to go because it's horrible.
  23. Uhh that's all I can think of now but you can ask me questions in the suggestions or comments.
    Relist if you don't know??
  25. Radio?
    Ok I'm biased because I had 2 weeks HEAVENLY work experience at the BBC last year in radio drama production. It's way less cut throats than tv and the people were ADORABLE - wore cardigans, owned cats. They were really encouraging of moving between all fields such as research, production, tech/sound stuff, broadcasting. It's not super reliable in the beginning - they had a lot of people on 3 month contracts but it was such a happy place for me I think you would like it too. Great list!! 💞😀
    Suggested by @ellaellakennedy
  26. Graphic Designer?
    Suggested by @justjills