Though I used the secondary tense this list is based on my experience, which I realize is not universal to all humans without a BFF. I do want your own bestie-less pros and cons!
  1. It feels like EVERYONE ELSE refers to their "best friend" in conversations.
    And you wonder about the process behind bestowing one person with this title.
  2. You can skip a lot of Buzzfeed content aimed at BFFs.
    "Can we guess which Disney Princess is like your BFF?" ... The answer is Bing Bong, because he's imaginary.
  3. At some point you just wanted one so you could have a Best Friends necklace.
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  4. You've had a lot of people you hoped would become that platonic other half, but didn't. I call this a best friend crush.
    When for whatever reason you stopped becoming closer, it was a big disappointment.
  5. You are able to move to new places and start new phases of life without feeling tied down to report everything to one person you 'left.'
    Example: you started college looking forward to making new friends, not wasting energy updating someone thousands of miles away.
  6. You have several really close friends from different parts of your life.
    If they put together each of their pieces of the golden amulets, all of your secrets would be known.
  7. You wonder how someone is like "We've been best friends since childhood" because people change as they grow up!
  8. You feel like maybe there's something wrong with you.
  9. You realize there's nothing wrong with you.
    Because like a couple, best friends can be kind of showy. And you can have more varied forms of friendship than just one intense friendship.
  10. You maybe went through a friend break up at some point.
    You are stronger because of it. You are understanding of others who had to end close/best friendships for their own reasons, and will give them support because it's okay.
  11. You've joked in conversation that your pet is your best friend.
  12. You name a family member/SO/etc as your "I guess" BFF, not sure if they count.
    As in "I guess my mom is my closest friend."
  13. You get jealous of fictional best friends in tv/movies/books.
  14. You sometimes need to remember you are your own best friend.