Inspired by @e
  1. Elizabeth
    You are someone who read my name on an email or resume or document or something. Profesh.
  2. Beth
    You are a family member or knew me as a kid.
  3. Liz
    You are someone who met me when I entered middle school, or afterward. (I didn't know you could specify what name you wanted to be called on the roster they read at the start of each class? So I was Elizabeth out of nervousness. And then this one teacher started calling me Liz. And then I was Liz forever except at home. So dumb. ((PS THIS WAS A DISCUSSION OF HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3.))
  4. LizBeth
    You are my freshman year roommate who decided to call me that and I was like cool, go for it.
  5. [Barb/Peg/Carol/Gin/Chris/Jen/Mer/Cait/Jayne] + Beth(y)
    You are my mom or one of her 5 sisters when her big Catholic family is all together, so you call me by the names of one or more sisters or their daughters by mistake like three times before you maybe get it right. Then you call me Beth or Bethy.
  6. Sis
    You are my brother.
  7. Bef
    You are my brother's friend who went on vacation with us and has a lot of nicknames.
  8. That bitch
    You are someone I don't like, don't call me that!
  9. Dude
    You are my friends at work from a different branch I used to be helping a lot for my job and somehow gave me this nickname.
  10. Bethy Bright Eyes, Monkey Baby or Monk.
    You are my dad before his tumor biopsy last May.
  11. Some name or word that is not my name. Maybe your sister's name. Maybe Mom. You know you're talking to me but you can't find the right word for me.
    You are my dad who has aphasia after his brain tumor biopsy hemorrhaged.
  12. "Mrrrow! Mmow!" right when I come home, but at almost no other time.
    You are my cat.