I've never even sat in the driver's seat. I'm 26.
  1. I lived 5 minutes (walking) from my high school.
  2. Uber was invented.
  3. I can't afford any aspect of a car.
    Gas? Insurance? Repairs? Buying it in the first place? Parking? Emissions, that's a thing right? Stickers for the plate that cost money? A parking or traffic ticket?!
  4. I don't know who could/would/should teach me.
    And not yell at me.
  5. I'm old enough now that learning would be a huge deal mentally and in my social life.
    I just don't wanna take a class with 16 year olds, ughhh.
  6. The idea of being the operator of a vehicle sends me into anxiety.
  7. What if I hit someone?!
  8. What if someone hit me?!
  9. I live really close to a metro stop and really close to a bus.
  10. I went to college downtown in a major city with a metro.
    Shout out Emerson College.
  11. I'm not a real adult.