Oh right, because I'm carrying a ton of stuff I require to feel prepared for anything if I go outside...
  1. Eyeglasses cleaning spray and cloth
  2. Pile of my business cards
    I made them online to give random arts people / possible contacts I meet. (This actually does come in really handy.) Have my contact info, headshot, and say "actress/director/playwright" but should say "desperate and working a 9-5 desk job like a sell-out."
  3. Two coinpurses with cats on them
    Approximately $1.15 total. I should toss one of these.
  4. DC metro smartcard
    I think there's about $7.00 on it right now.
  5. Jewelry I've taken off during the work day and have yet to put back in my bedroom
    Hoop earrings, mosaic teardrop earrings, red ball earrings, pearl earrings, single pearl necklace, short silver necklace with heart on it, silver and gold studs, blue teardrop studs, bright blue studs, one gold stud, one tarnished ring with Jade type stone, one adjustable ring with mini sunglasses on it.
  6. A lot of medicine
    Tylenol, Zyrtec, other ones.
  7. 3 different concealers
    Under eye, general, spot treat with healer.
  8. 6 lipsticks
    Long lasting dark magenta, bright pink, dark plum, neutral rose, another brand neutral rose, and bright red.
  9. "Don't forget your keys!" Lanyard from freshman year dorm at Emerson College with my house key, work bathroom key, work tap card.
  10. Crumpled receipts
    $6.36 for 'Stromboli family restaurant.' CVS receipt for $3 off $10 of Revlon products - expired 10/21.
  11. A couple of cough drops
  12. 5 hair elastics
  13. Chapstick, EOS round lip balm
  14. iPod classic
    All my music ever. Round click wheel yeaaaahhh baby.
  15. 2 portable tissue packs
  16. Anbesol
  17. 2 mini tins of sugar-free peppermint Altoids
  18. Dry eye drops and allergy eye drops
  19. Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets
    Those cool blue ones? Then you blot your face and they turn clear and you're like "I'm so gross, these are awesome!"
  20. Some blank checks
    In case I need to write a check.
  21. My wallet
    Debit card, credit card, Maryland ID card ("not a driver's license"), Starbucks gift card, health insurance card, Safeway/Giant/CVS membership cards, FroYo buy 6 get 1 card (1 punch), business cards for 2 friends, a lifetime pass to free plays at my high school (ha), an appointment card for the dentist, business cards for 6 doctors, a book of Forever stamps, a flu shot receipt, a ticket stub for a play at Woolly Mommoth Theatre Co, a processed check for cat sitting ($30), and a $1 bill.
  22. My iPhone
    If it's not in my hand for making a list.
  23. Headphones
  24. A single pen