@ frequent listers who feel guilty for taking some time off:
  1. It's not your job.
    Unless it is your job. In which case, I need you to keep listing because that's an awesome job.
  2. Don't let expectation ruin the fun.
    Honestly if I'm following you I think you're awesome and want to hear what you have to say, but I care WAY, WAY more that you don't feel obligated to make #quality #content for your followers.
  3. I won't hate you for not posting.
    This applies to posting less, as well. Promise.
  4. Like any technology you find kinda addicting, it takes time out of your day you may need.
    And maybe you have a life and want to/need to spend more time on something else which is more important than anything on your iPhone.
  5. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
    You will return when you wanna and get to read/write lists with renewed enthusiasm.
  6. I will miss your awesome lists while you are gone (and if I follow you, your lists are awesome) but I will have other lists to read while you are gone.
    Because after all, as established, it IS some people's job to write lists.
  7. You can catch up when you get back.
    You can read all my future lists later. They won't disappear. In fact, here's a preview of what I will write while you're gone! : "How I Cured Cancer", "All About My Role on HBO's Girls", "What My Soulmate Said When We Met", and "What It's Like to Win the Lottery."
  8. But for now, here's a list of what to remember:
    1) You do you. 2) I'll be here (loving you just the same) when you get back.