Gobble gobble 🦃
  1. Travel
    So many people spend half the holiday in traffic.
  2. Family
    When I have spent the holiday with extended family it's SO stressful and overwhelming.
  3. Football
    I'm in a fantasy football tournament this year at work, because who can resist the lure of a Target gift card, and when I do watch a football game there is so much start-and-stop and so many career ending injuries each game. I am always flinching.
  4. Turkey
    Who gets excited for eating turkey? When cooked right it's just okay, like chicken. When cooked badly, it's dry.
  5. Cooking a big meal
    Cooking is so stressful, let alone coordinating all the "required" courses of a Thanksgiving meal so they come out cooked right at the same time.
  6. Macy's Parade
    I would get up to watch it just for the Broadway performances, but they're lip sync'ed so weirdly. Everyone in the parade is shivering. I dunno. Meh.
  7. Black Friday
    I love shopping and gift giving / getting as much as (if not more than) the next person, but there's something so ugly about camping out early and fighting for deals and making aggressive spending a tradition out of what is supposed to be a humble holiday about gratitude. Also I worked retail so I know how rude people are to employees.
  8. Racism
    I get really angry when I think about how we rewrote the narrative of how our European ancestors destroyed the lives and cultures of the native Americans. It's still not a sensitive subject either. The name of the Washington DC football team is an offensive disgrace. I'm not being holier than thou with this, please be frustrated with me.
  9. Not enough time off
    I barely relax and then it's back to the daily grind.
  10. Pie
    Cake is better. End of story.