Things I Can Never Take Back That Make Me Cringe 24/7

So naturally, I wrote them down.
  1. Making out for my first kiss aka having a tongue shoved down my throat behind a portable classroom and thinking that was how it was supposed to go.
  2. Getting way ahead of myself and telling a boy I barely knew that I loved him after kissing for the first time (what is wrong with me?!) then having him ignore me for the rest of the night.
  3. Having water go down the wrong pipe and spitting it out on the new people you just met and had to spend the rest of the day with.
  4. Asking a cute Trader Joe's cashier while he was ringing my groceries if he "came here [Trader Joe's] often" and him pretending not to hear me and proceeding with the transaction.
  5. Trying to break awkward tension with my new co-workers by saying "ohhhhhhhyeah it gets bigger," about a makeup bag.
  6. Me grinding at school dances as a middle schooler. Again, was this normal?
  7. Running out of a Brother Jimmy's Trivia night game because I yelled "Thomas Jefferson" as my answer to the question: "who is on the $10 bill?"
  8. Meeting Steve Nash and telling him that I mainly recognized him from YouTube sketches.
  9. While Instagram creeping, mistaking a stranger's post for my best friend's post and commenting, "I want to drown myself in this photo."
  10. Showing this guy "Phineas and Ferb: EXPOSED" on the first date." (Definitely a 10th date kind of YouTube video).