A list of celebrities I don't think would be so popular if they weren't good looking. Please don't hate me for my opinion, I don't hate anyone, i just don't understand, so you may explain or comment but please don't be mean.
  1. Taylor Swift (I didn't add her for controversy, and I love her relationship with her fans and her philanthropy) nothing is special about her voice, if she weren't so beautiful she'd just be a songwriter.
  2. Selena Gomez (she does good things just not aware of any and that's on me) she's mediocre in singing and acting, when she was a kid she fit network's (w/ which she worked) diversity quota (many kid actors fall in this category) she grew into a pretty girl, she's Latina so fits the role model for so many ppl and some ppl just like to look at her.
  3. Pewdiepie (if you dk who this is, lucky you) I have no problem with him making money, he's very generous with it, I don't even have a prob with how much he makes or how he makes it, I just don't get the hype, he's not particularly funny, he's okay looking, and his screams get to me.
  4. James Corden (torn here, cuz i like him, my prob w/ him is, the US has an English man hosting an awesome show in John Oliver, his style of interview couch basically Graham Norton. interviews are nothing special, his segments are basically Jimmy Fallon w/o impressions, they both can sing, albeit James has the best voice of the two, so what's new?
  5. Drake. all i have to say about him, is overproduced, if he came out in the 90s with his crap, he'd have been laughed out the business, but because its crappy music all around, we accept overused beats that drown out hip hops worst voice since i don't even know and he makes money for this?
  6. Madonna- you made awesome music in the 80s and 90s take the high road and quit, you lost the momentum, raise your kids, or hell coach new talent or produce them, I still think you're one of the greatest, but everyone gets too old to hang out at clubs someday.
  7. Grace Helbig- if you don't know who she is, lucky you, she has never made me laugh, not that its her job, but damn, its not that hard to say something witty or do something funny once in awhile is it? I guess acting awkward is funny now.
  8. Britney Spears- I used to like her music, all pop, and fun lyrics to sing along too, then I graduated from middle school, and suddenly realized she has a voice that probably inspired autotune, how the hell she surpasses actual singing talent, Xtina in any album sales is beyond me.
  9. Sofia Vergara-she's beautiful, can act comedically very well, but after few eps of MF she has gotten annoying, can't stand it, i've seen interviews so I know its not her accent or voice itself, its on the show written that she whine or screech, she should demand character development. real reason I don't like her? she took Joe Manganiello from me.
  10. Kristen Stewart- I don't understand her most of all, she can't act for Ish and she basically has one facial expression, she tore apart a marriage along with that no good cheating husband, for a relationship that didn't last throughout a bad film, so..