I just.... don't think I'm there yet on these, ya know? .
  1. Adult shit
    (This is mostly bitching about the small inconveniences of life)
  2. Work jargon
    (Oh, industry-specific references? That'll certainly be a smash hit, Liza)
  3. Things I miss about summer in New England
    (AKA just doing the whole 'grass is greener' coastal competition thing)
  4. Future pet names
    (Ideal dog would be described mainly as "scrappy" and "gentlemanly")
  5. How I celebrated my Independence Day
    (This one is rapidly losing relevance, huh?)
  6. John says....
    (This is a list that I just feel could use like 3 more items but John and I don't live in the same city, sooooo...)
  7. Go-to spots for [x] food in LA
    (You can't rush pieces of art like this)
  8. Places I'd like to visit
    (Just straight up wanderlust. Should I save it for Pinterest?!)