Today was cool! (7/10/15)
  1. Wake up early with intention of farmers market; promptly fall back asleep til 9:30
    It's the thought that counts.
  2. Grab coffee before meeting with friends
    ...graciously take everyone else's order as well, cause I'm a great friend.
  3. Road trip to the WILDLIFE LEARNING CENTER!
    It's in Sylmar, and worth the brief 30 min jaunt from central LA....
  4. Play with A FOX!
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  5. Enjoy some afternoon brews and bites at Golden Road Brewery
    Fun fact- their vegan options are staggering. (Oh my, I am NOT vegan but was traveling with one!
  6. Photobooth at Golden Road
    Because if there isn't a black and white strip of photo proof, it didn't happen.
  7. Read some Modern Love while lounging on the balcony
    Aziz Ansari is killin' it in this book.
  8. Toss in a load of laundry
    Literally only did this so I could feel like I accomplished something productive today
  9. Gratuitous 6pm nap
    Why not?
  10. Sunday night supper with a pal
    Location of choice: Farfalla in Los Feliz. Selected: because of their $5 wine specials.