Never a dull moment in PR! I don't work in porn.
  1. "I need you to call the sex dungeon and see what their rates are to rent the place for a day."
  2. "The problem is, the pumpkin carved in his likeness is starting to rot and so his face is caving in."
  3. "How much do bulk condoms cost, ballpark?"
  4. "Yea, I think scratch and sniff weed brownie stickers are a great idea!"
  5. "Do you think the dildo is an issue? Let's call and ask if there is a dildo issue."
  6. "Will the hotel suite have room for her entourage... and her five dogs?"
  7. "This is so much worse than the time you got arrested on drug charges!"
  8. "The weight limit for that piece of equipment is 350 pounds so we will need to ask everyone their weight before we strap them in- also, make sure no one gets sick when they are upside down."
  9. "No, I'm already working at the Hero Dog Awards tonight"