Most of the photos on my phone are of dogs. Parent dogs, friend dogs, stranger dogs.... I have a passion and that passion is cute pups.
  1. Coco.
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    This little gentleman slash squirrel was an empty-nester gift from me to my mom. He rules.
  2. Toad.
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    This is Toad, who is up for adoption from Bark n Bitches in LA! He is very chill and confident and not just when he is wearing sunnies.
  3. Miles.
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    This is Miles. I fostered him over Thanksgiving one year and got him adopted by a couple attending the meal! He is ALMOST literally just a little lamb.
  4. Penny.
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    This is Penny, the sweet 5-month-old pup of a friend. This is the day after she was spayed, hence the glam crown.
  5. Sadie.
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    This is Sadie. She is mature, dignified, and won't take your shit.
  6. Coco 2
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    This is also a Coco, but this tiny angel fluffball of nothing will never be the OG Coco (See Dog #1).