Everyone tells me I should do yoga. So obviously, I am doing everything but.
  1. A brisk walk is just as centering as a lotus pose.
    .....maybe true????
  2. I haven't eaten dinner! I have to eat or I'd just simply pass out at yoga!
    Cause laying on a mat is an excruciatingly intense workout.
  3. I can just do a yoga video on Netflix from the comfort of my home!
    [Note: tried this. Got ADD and distracted about 11 min in.]
  4. I should clean my house instead.
    It could really use a good sweep.
  5. It would be just as productive as going to yoga if I instead made a dent on that book I've been trying to finish.
    You know, another version of focus and mental exercise?
  6. If there is a pregnant woman there who is doing better than me, it'll just make my self esteem plummet
    In the rare event that happens, I'd better stay home.
  7. There COULD be no parking available tonight....
    So really, I'm saving myself the trip.