1. I should be social.
  2. But I've had a long week! I'm also lazy!
  3. Don't waste your life away on the couch.
  4. I'm broke, though?
  5. Is it really going to make you happier to be sitting there or are you just depressed.
  6. Both?
  7. There aren't really any GOOD options for tonight.
  8. I haven't really called most people.
  9. Most people haven't really called me.
  10. Every minute I spend debating is another one getting closer to bedtime.
  11. Sure, if you're a grandma. You live in a city, you can go out at 1am.
  12. Ugh, why would I want to do that?
  13. The more I build-up what this Friday night should be, the more I know I'll be disappointed.
  14. It's maybe dangerous to walk to the bar alone this late.
  15. Is that true or just an excuse? Not sure.
  16. I think I'll turn on the TV.
  17. Decision made.