A very scientific study in SW Florida.
  1. Rum Runners
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    "Real lime-y. Fresh" -Mamadukes. "Rich, creamy, tart, nice amount of sweetness. Crunchy crust." -Papadukes. "Very authentic and tangy. This is a baseline, I have nothing to compare it to." - lil bro Al.
  2. Owen's Fish Camp
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    "Soft, sweeter than tangy, not too tart. Smooth, creamy, lime flavor" -Liza, Keel
  3. Island Cow
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    "Weird pie to whipped cream ratio. Not the most fresh lime taste." -Papadukes. "great presentation!" -Mamadukes. "Not so creamy, more tart." -Al. "Dig the blueberry factor, the lime drizzle is a little curious and off putting. Consistency of cheesecake, but with a tang." -Liza
  4. "May be the best- meringue adds a key dimension of flavor and the raspberry is a nice touch." -Liza. "Wonderful, fresh mint lime taste. Very smooth, great presentation." -Mamadukes. "Good flavor; I don't think there should be this much meringue. Overpowering." -Papadukes. "Perfect. Balanced. Creamy- not too creamy that it feels like pudding." -Al
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  5. Chapters 62
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    "This is the most tart. More airy than creamy, but the tartness is dominant- which I like." -Papadukes. "Very tart; a lingering taste. Smooth." -Mamadukes. "I have nothing to add that they haven't covered." -Al. "Smooth and tart. Easy like Sunday morning." -Liza