....because my reading tastes are basically "person goes on a journey to find himself/herself/meaning of it ALL"
  1. Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes -Daniel L. Everett
    Fascinating journey into the world of Amazon tribe in central Brazil -- and an insanely in-depth look at a culture so unimaginably different than ours
  2. The Island of the Color Blind - Oliver Sacks
    Just gonna straight up steal this epic quote from the back of the book: "part travelogue, part autobiography, part medical mystery" ---- all on tiny Micronesian islands
  3. Tracks - Robyn Davidson
    The lengthy subheader reads: "a woman's solo trek across 1700 miles of Australian outback," which sums it up nicely. Also a unique look at the politics of aboriginal Australia, as well as a handy and informative read on camel maintenance. (It's intense.)
  4. Beyond the Sky and the Earth - Jamie Zeppa
    Picked this one up solely cause I thought it would be cool to read about Bhutan, that beautiful mountain country no one has ever been to. I was right.
  5. Yoga for People Who Can't Be Bothered to Do It - Geoff Dyer
    Apart from the amazing title, this is a perfectly delightful and fun collection of travel essays from around the author's adventures the world
  6. Wild - Cheryl Strayed
    Cmon, you knew this would be on here.