(Or is it just 2015 Jargon? Who knows. The word jargon is also completely bizarre.)
  1. "I'll loop you out"
    No one wants to be on an email chain they don't have to be on.
  2. "Let's discuss offline"
    ...lest we bore anyone OR reveal the juicy gossip we are chatting about
  3. "Ping me later"
    For some reason I always associate 'ping' with lasers. Doesn't mean I don't type this ALL THE TIME.
  4. "TBD, TBC, TBA"
    As I recently informed a friend, these three abbreviations are VERY different.
  5. "You will have by EOD"
    ("I haven't started this yet but I plan to at 5pm")
  6. "Just circling back on this."
    As a publicist, I send this email 1000x a day. Fun fact: if you just reply "not interested" to a pitch [in a nice way, please?], you will not get any of these emails!