Alternate title: "I'm bored in my Uber"
  1. Grand Canyon & Sedona, AZ
    Fun fact: despite being in the SOUTHwest, these locations are cold as shit in January.
  2. Park City, UT
    I love kicking off my year in PC at Sundance every year and I'm not even kidding. Yay, snow!
  3. Iceland
    Guys, it's so sunny there [in May!] for like 22 hours a day. I couldn't get over that. At all.
  4. Ojai, CA
    Also known as 'my happy place'
  5. Austin, TX
    Sweet, sweet SXSW, you beautiful rainy beast.
  6. New Mexico, NM
    Lovely, but calling it a 'city' seems generous. Delightful place to retire, I'd say.
  7. New York, NY
    I used to think I could live in The City. I was so wrong. I'm an LA-paced kinda gal.
  8. Morristown, NJ
    Insert fist-pump emoji. Gotta rep that garden state
  9. Palm Springs, CA
    Can a gal get a boozy, sun-filled ladies weekend? (Related: I saw no less than 14 bachelorette parties when I was here for 48 hours in April.)