Year 4, let's do this. @nnnicole, add on!
  1. I should have brought a fun hat or something.
    You know, to fit in.
  2. Parties? Pass.
    Do you KNOW how many more people these parties allow to RSVP than the venues can hold? Lines on lines on lines for a chance at a free drink is not my jam.
  3. I wonder how much Uber will surge!
    My dignity will not allow me to take a pedicab, no matter how brilliantly themed.
  4. I am so glad it won't be as sunny, hot and sticky this year as last down in SD
    Cmon. You can guess how much people sweat when they are in full-body cosplay costumes.
  5. Hope I don't catch the flu again....
    After falling victim to the worst Nerd Flu ever last year, I was out of commission for a full week after the Con. Also, taking the Surfliner back up to LA while experiencing full body aches isn't ideal.
  6. Will I find any non-greasy food options?
    Probably not.
  7. I hope I see all my friends!
    It never fails to make me laugh how hard I work to make festival plans with friends who LIVE IN LA YEAR-ROUND JUST LIKE ME.
  8. If I don't find a photobooth, so help me.....
    I am a sucker for a fun photo op and SDCC does 'em right. How else will I prove on social media I was there?!
  9. I can't believe I am going back to San Diego
    Having just been there for July 4, I am now really questioning my sanity.