Everything I did today/tonight to avoid watching 2 projects at work. Hooray for my boss not being on List App!
  1. Chopped and dried herbs for tea
    Herbs: Calendula, Golden Yarrow, Lavender. Purchased from Hollywood farmers market this AM.
  2. Wrote and addressed birthday cards, a bridal shower card, a wedding card, and a "thinking of you" card
    I'm big on mailed letters.
  3. Downloaded and began my very first audiobook
    Book of choice: The Girl On The Train, by Paula Hawkins. Only 9 hours and 57 minutes left!!
  4. Got my oil changed.
    You know you are desperately procrastinating when.....
  5. Shower, face mask.
    Ain't no pampering time like the present!
  6. Cleaned out and washed down the interiors of all my kitchen cabinets
    Related: also scrubbed under the stovetop. One word: EW.
  7. Made a food plan for the week
    ....in a likely-futile attempt to curb my horrific eating-out-for-every-meal habit.