This "one-click" purchasing nonsense is so addictive!
  1. L-Theanine tablets
    Amino acids for stress? That's what my doc said. I love spending my money on weird hippie remedies and that is not even close to sarcasm.
  2. Dual-release Melatonin tablets
    See Above.
  3. Set of 4 cutting boards with food icons
    I saw this in a friends house and had to have it. The fish gets cut on a board with an image of fish! Solutions for the modern world!
  4. Amika Dry shampoo
    I literally swear by dry shampoo. Mainly cause I hate washing my hair (shhh!) I keep a can in the office, car, home, etc. Other current faves: batiste, klorane, not your mother's.
  5. Trash bags, toilet paper, paper towels
  6. Plastic colander
    Old one was gross?
  7. Down comforter
    See Above.
  8. Bulk green tea
  9. White sneakers
    I had my eye on these Superga beauties for awhile.