Ain't no time like the present. Also, I feel like the day I turned 28 my body started becoming WAY more communicative. Usually to express anger at what I'm doing to it. Humans!
  1. It matters what you eat.
    Oooookay, starting with the basics here. Even a day of all junk all day will make the next one not very pleasant! Also- groggy!
  2. Cut out the things that make you feel shitty.
    For me, that means coffee (except on special occasions!), my bagel-bites-from-711-as-dinner move, and multi-day binge drinking.
  3. Routine can be a good thing.
    E.g.: bedtime (weekdays, ok??), taking prescribed medications (at the same time every day!), a morning and bedtime 'ritual'
  4. Move your body.
    I'm trying yoga! Trying. But, regularly! Hopefully. @jeanstrinh is helping.
  5. Hydrate!
    It's incredible how BLEH you can feel when the only thing wrong is a lack of water.
  6. Less screen time.
    Not just for eyes, but cause there is a big wide world out there that deserves to be lived and loved by you.
  7. No fast food
    *except in airports or on road trips which obviously don't count
  8. Sleep matters, too.
    A full nights sleep EVERY night? Even if I just did it last night? Ok.