It's been a hectic month of work travel and TIFF. Just stoppin' to take a moment of appreciation for....
  1. The amazing feeling of finally going home to sleep in your own bed after 3 weeks of travel
  2. Season 2 of You're The Worst
    It just truly keeps getting better and better. If you're not watching, START.
  3. A brand new lipstick in that perfect shade of blood red
    Currently at the bottom of my suitcase so sorry, eager fans, this brand will have to remain a mystery for now.
  4. The Canadian exchange rate.
  5. Drinking wine out of a coffee cup in the back of a cab
  6. The satisfaction of putting up an "out of office" message + no wifi on plane = realizing you have exactly 6 hours of blissful uninterrupted day.
  7. The never-ceases-to-be-amusing Canadian pronunciations and constant "sorry"s.
  8. The joy of actually seeing movies at a film festival
    For a publicist, this fact is MUCH more shocking than it should be. I saw FIVE films!!!
  9. Remembering to pack an extra pair of socks in your carry-on for maximum-cozy a flight.
  10. "Time travel"
    Aka flying from east to west.
  11. Anticipation of a weekend of naps
    'Nuff said.