I truly don't think my father knows what a comedic genius he is. Also, these are mostly pet-related. Also, yea duh he is Super Jewish and it is adorable.
  1. April Fools!
    Springtime in the northeast is rough.
  2. I'm waggin' for ya
    Part of a "texts from the dog" series
  3. Car maintenance
    Love those parental reminders to be an adult.
  4. Big Bear... Hug
    Dad puns! (I was vacationing in Big Bear for a ski weekend)
  5. Random & unexplained
    Literally the only text I received from him that day.
  6. The Dog Says...
    Another entry in the series.
  7. This is what a quilt looks like
    Just FYI, I guess.
  8. Breaking Updates
    BREAKING: the walls are (allegedly) green.
  9. Best Supporting Puppy!
  10. Pooh Bear