...because I am a brainless slave to my iPhone
  1. Pocket
    Basically a bookmarking app for stuff you wanna read later. I like that it has a bajillion ways to save something to your "read later" app/page, from texting a URL, to a Google Chrome plug-in, some mobile options, etc. I save all the Long Reads I come across during the day for later indulging.
  2. Venmo
    God bless Venmo. This is my favorite thing of 2015. One click, easy breezy money transfers to friends. Has revolutionized splitting the bill (one person pays, everyone else Venmos to them on the spot. Done.)
  3. Dating app of the month
    Tinder, OKcupid, Hinge.... I've tried 'em all but tend to pick a favorite for a month or so and stick with it. This is not a structured or strategic (or successful) plan.
  4. List App
  5. Wunderlist
    (THIS ISNT, CHEATING, LISTAPP! I use it only for boring 'ol to-do lists!) Confessions: I always put at least one item I've already done on the list so I can immediately check it off.
  6. Kindle
    Ugh, reading a book on an cell phone is so brutal but I just like the OPTION if I'm trapped in a devastatingly boring place (e.g. DMV?)
  7. Twitter
  8. Uber
    I've always hated driving ("but she lives in LA!" I know!) so the hilariously low cost of ubering around (and a massive/very responsible fear of getting a DUI) has me takin' these rides all the live-long day.
  9. Alarm Clock
    Set to snooze no less than 5 times over a span of two hours. I'm sure that's healthy?
  10. VSCO Cam/Afterlight/Instagram
    Photo tweaking and sharing is a delicate, fine art.
  11. Gmail.
  12. Podcasts
    Honestly, I've only recently gotten into 'em but they've made taking long strolls so lovely! Current faves include Invisibilia and Nerdist.
  13. Spotify
    Prime is so worth it. I'm also a mega fan of their Mood playlists, which are abundant, varied, and always filled with new discoveries