Killin' time in NJ between a work trip to NY and this year's TIFF means....
  1. Drank Bud Lite ... at the same bar(s) I drank at with my fake ID when I was 19
    Why Bud Lite? "When in Rome..."
  2. Illicitly smoked a joint driving through suburbia at night in a friends convertible
    Also an identical activity to when I was 19!
  3. Apple picking. Berry picking. Peach picking.
    They don't call it the Garden State for nothin', folks. (I have big pie-baking plans! Fun fact: I have never once baked at home in LA)
  4. Taken the dog for a walk.
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    Cmon, that face. This is the secret real reason I come home at all.
  5. Eaten one too many bagels.
    Just kidding- no such thing as too many.
  6. Slept until an inappropriate hour every day.
    Adjusting my body to a time change? Nah.
  7. Coerced my mother into taking me on a shopping spree at the mall
    I know. So Jersey. (But also: so #blessed)
  8. Ran into only the most awkward high school acquaintances
    This is pretty much a standard rule for hometown-visits.