I am an awful horrible no-good cook, so when I prepare something (without a recipe, at that!) and it doesn't suck, I'm thrilled. Tonight I made one of those Hippie Bowls with...
  1. Grilled chicken
    Caveat: I did not grill said chicken. Whole Foods did. Shut up.
  2. Kale
    Marinated OVERNIGHT in olive oil (whatup prep!!) and then sautéed briefly with garlic
  3. Red quinoa
    So hot right now.
  4. Roasted golden beets
    My (by my, I mean Bobby Flay) recipe for eaaaasiest roast beets: wrap each beet in a lil foil pack w a splash of olive oil. Roast for 35 min at 400. Remove, cool, and unpeel- the outer layer slides right off!
  5. Feta cheese
    A meal is not a meal without cheese
  6. Goddess dressing from Trader Joe's
    I considered making a tahini dressing myself, I really did. But then this was just so close...