....none have anything to do with basketball, duh. I committed to coming to the bar under the promise of a free beer.
  1. Should I order another drink?
    Pros: I didn't drive here. Cons: I'm so very broke. Pros: It's happy hour! Cons: It's only Tuesday.
  2. What a foul!!
    Just trying to fit in.
  3. Are people laughing at my jokes???
    Are they not funny or is just that the game is on? Definitely the latter, regardless if it's commercial break.
  4. I should definitely watch that movie for work
    Should I do it on my iPhone? Here? Is that too obvious/rude? Be social, Liza.
  5. This music is great! What is this??!!
    ...oh, Radiohead. Yea, I'm familiar.
  6. I wonder if I'll get home in time for dinner... I think i have leftover chicken.
  7. Is it raining?!?!
  8. Don't be That Girl who calls an Uber to go home early to eat, Liza.
    But... That chicken! (See above)
  9. Yes, definitely another beer. And a pretzel.
    Golden Road Hef, in case you were wondering.
  10. I wonder if this place has a bathroom.
    Ugh, this is a BAR, Liza. Of course it does. Get your shit together.
  11. OK, it's stopped raining.
  12. Hey, we are talking about Broad City now!
    TV? I can talk about TV all day long! Yeaaa!
  13. Okayyyy, back to basketball.
    Who's winning? Just kidding, I don't care.
  14. Is that couple making out?
    Gross. Just kidding, I'm jealous. Ugh.
  15. It's over???!!!
    Twist my arm, I'll go home.