The city is scary when you let your imagination run absolutely wild!
  1. Was that a car backfiring or a gun shot?
    It sounded like a gun shot, but what do I know?
  2. Whose turn is it to sweep and mop and do the dishes and scrub the shower?
  3. I should stack cans in front of my bedroom door.
    Late at night, this has occasionally seemed reasonable. You know, as an early warning system. I have never ACTUALLY done this.
  4. Do not lose your keys. Do not lose your keys.
    Do not lose your keys.
  5. I wonder if the neighbors across the way can see my shadow through my white curtains
    ...and if they can see when I'm naked.
  6. How long would it be before anyone noticed I was gone if I got trapped in here?
    Or DIED?? Should I have an emergency plan on if my loved ones don't hear from me for 24 hours?!