1. Outlander
    Kinda a lower-stakes, less-violent Game Of Thrones. + a sexy time travel romance, duh.
  2. High Maintenence
    Yup, still counts if it's on Vimeo. Anxiously awaiting the HBO series.
  3. The Returned
    French version only!! Every time I finish this (short) season I start again.
  4. Buying The Bayou
    This is a house-hunters style show, exclusively about folks buying remote bayou houses. It's very Southern and very much a treat
  5. iZombie
    CW, light-hearted zombie hijinks
  6. The 4400
    2000-era sci-fi
  7. The Flash
    CW, light-hearted "meta-human" hijinks
  8. Silicon Valley
    Truly a delight; flies by so quickly you'll think eps are only 15 min