I've been obsessed with Paul Rust since I was 17, and Lesley Arfin is the model for all of my creative aspirations. I've been so excited for this show and am happy to confirm that it is so, so perfect.
  1. Paul's awkward cough during a moment of silence in conversation - Ep. 2
  2. Paul's "Star Wars in its crosshairs" line - Ep. 2
  3. Gillian's "I know your family" rant - Ep. 1 & 2
  4. The rugs!!!!
  5. The accurate depiction of shitty college kids "abroad" in LA - Ep. 1
  6. Kerri Kenney
  7. "Nothing dries up a vagina more than a paragraph, man." Ep. 3
  8. "Any chick with a headshot is outta her mind." Ep. 9
  9. "Can you please not stand up for yourself today?" Ep. 10