1. A boat on the Thames River in London
  2. Chicago o hare international airport
  3. Riding a tram through Rome
  4. In a Waffle House bathroom in Georgia at 4 AM
  5. In a traffic jam in Tennessee
  6. In a rented minivan on the side of the road in Indiana
  7. In my professors office
  8. In the notre dame library
  9. In the Parking lot of the notre dame library
  10. In a kohls fitting room in Connecticut
  11. In the bathroom of a Texas Roadhouse
  12. At notre dame stadium, many times
  13. While watching a birth documentary in a developmental psychology class
  14. Parked at the bank while Move Along by the All American Rejects plays on the radio
  15. While watching Moana
  16. While watching My 600 Pound Life
  17. Over a Hamilton song at a bus stop
  18. At a movie theater during beauty and the beast
  19. On a treadmill at physical therapy