Bingo squares/categories to use at a comedy open mic.
  1. Joke stolen from a meme
  2. Hitler time travel joke
  3. Not moving the mic stand
  4. "So I saw a sign the other day..."
  5. "My wife does this annoying thing..."
  6. "It's good to be here in ________" (names wrong place)
  7. "You heard of this, you seen this?"
  8. Dad jokes
  9. Blatant racism
  10. Online dating joke
  11. Laughing at their own jokes
  12. Getting mad at the audience for not understanding poorly written jokes
  13. Outdated reference "That's like George Wendt driving a tractor!"
  14. Tinder joke
  15. "My kids do this annoying thing..."
  16. "Boy these lights are bright" but seriously and not ironically
  17. Stolen material from another comedian gets you a black out