1. Eastern Washington 2004. I slept in the bathtub the whole trip because my dad was snoring too loud.
  2. Backpacking through Europe 2009. Self explanatory.
  3. Yellowstone 1996. My family frequently mistook giant dogs for bears.
  4. Moab, UT 1994. Learned how to swim. Choked on water. Didn't swim for a number of years.
  5. South Africa 1999. Ate crocodile. Learned a bit of Zulu. Lots of game drives. Swam in the Indian Ocean.
  6. Zimbabwe 1999. Tracked an elephant on foot. Met the guys who hunt poachers. Scary dudes. 🐘
  7. Venice 2003. Experienced true wanderlust for the first time. Saw snow on the Grand Canal.
  8. Minnesota 2008. Got a lot of ticks. Ticks were everywhere. Fuck. Ticks.
  9. New Mexico 2004. Was coming off Zoloft and Adderall and going through massive withdrawals at a high altitude.
  10. Alaska 2003. Sea kayaked over 300 miles. Spent a lot of time humming the theme to Lord of the Rings while paddling. Saw a porcupine. Almost capsized.