1. People needing extra time to get down the jetway
  2. Families with children under 2
  3. All active duty military
  4. 1K rewards members
  5. First class passengers
  6. Families who shouldn't have pro created
  7. Everyone named Gary
  8. Guys wearing souvenir shirts from 1997
  9. Women who go by Ashleighye and not Ashley
  10. Couples on the verge of breaking up
  11. Nervous animals belonging to even more nervous passengers
  12. Men who didn't finish their food before the boarding process started
  13. Anyone wearing too much perfume or Drakkar Noir
  14. Guys who clipped bags to other bags in order to not exceed two bags
  15. Everyone who should have checked their giant bag but also wanted to save $25
  16. Me