Inspired by my exterior pests of no fixed address.
  1. Why are you always in the trash heaps if you're not even taking anything?
    That means you, hoarder by Building 2.
  2. What makes you think enclosing yourself in a plastic bag is a good idea?
    There's more to live for!
  3. You know you can't eat bones right?
    Or can rats?
  4. Are you scared of dogs or nah?
  5. Do you have diseases?
    Which ones?
  6. Why do some of you have bald patches?
  7. How are you scientifically deemed "intelligent?"
    Literally I saw THREE (3) 🐀🐀🐀 bump into each other, mid-alley, mid-day.
  8. What were y'all doing out in broad daylight?
    Back to those diseases, then...rabies?
  9. Would you finally leave my precious brick and green space if I relentlessly threw rocks at you?
    GET OUT.
  10. Where are your nests?
    I've never been an arsonist but, never say never!
  11. Where did you go during the cold snaps?
  12. Will your population freeze with this week's projected 8F degrees?
  13. Would you please consider MOVING AWAY?
  14. Do you also slip on the ice?
  15. Why do you squeal so much?
  16. Are there more of you everywhere?
    Why haven't I seen a feral 🐀 prior to August 2016
  17. Can 🐀🐀🐀be gay?