Questions for Rats

Inspired by my exterior pests of no fixed address.
  1. •
    Why are you always in the trash heaps if you're not even taking anything?
    That means you, hoarder by Building 2.
  2. •
    What makes you think enclosing yourself in a plastic bag is a good idea?
    There's more to live for!
  3. •
    You know you can't eat bones right?
    Or can rats?
  4. •
    Are you scared of dogs or nah?
  5. •
    Do you have diseases?
    Which ones?
  6. •
    Why do some of you have bald patches?
  7. •
    How are you scientifically deemed "intelligent?"
    Literally I saw THREE (3) 🐀🐀🐀 bump into each other, mid-alley, mid-day.
  8. •
    What were y'all doing out in broad daylight?
    Back to those diseases, then...rabies?
  9. •
    Would you finally leave my precious brick and green space if I relentlessly threw rocks at you?
    GET OUT.
  10. •
    Where are your nests?
    I've never been an arsonist but, never say never!
  11. •
    Where did you go during the cold snaps?
  12. •
    Will your population freeze with this week's projected 8F degrees?
  13. •
    Would you please consider MOVING AWAY?
  14. •
    Do you also slip on the ice?
  15. •
    Why do you squeal so much?
  16. •
    Are there more of you everywhere?
    Why haven't I seen a feral 🐀 prior to August 2016
  17. •
    Can 🐀🐀🐀be gay?