Don't let a dislocated knee go 12 days without attention.
  1. The parking lot here is busier than Chipotle's
  2. That's a first. Shit. Does that mean I can grab a bowl and eat in the waiting room?
  3. It's okay, buddy. You can have the last parking spot.
  4. Damn it, I knew I should've gone before this.
  5. HUNGRY.
  6. OMG I have IM basketball tomorrow, am I going to be benched?
  7. Ball is life.
  8. I want my knee to be popped in but then I don't.
  9. I'm scared.
  10. Also I'll look like the biggest idiot.
  11. "Yes, this happened two weeks ago. Uhh yeah, I can walk and I played some sports on it but then I realized it was out of place..."
  12. Why am I shaking uncontrollably it's literally just a dislocation it's fine I'm fine.
  14. I hate medical offices. No one touch me.
  15. Suh, dude? Cool face mask.
  16. "No ma'am, I've been walking on this for a week so I don't think I'll need a wheelchair LOL"
  17. I don't know if I want to get medicine here like what would that possibly entail?
  18. I'm never fighting through pain again.
  19. Being a self identified hypochondriac sucks because I never know when things are legitimate.
  20. Spoiler: this is.
  21. HUNGRY.
  22. There's so many couples here.
  23. Nothing says, "I love Bae like trips to Patient First."
  24. Aww the receptionist is offering people tea or coffee.
  25. Denise told me a week ago that this was dislocated why did I not listen to her?
  26. It actually kind of hurts still though.
  27. HUNGRY.
  28. I didn't ask for this.
    Well, I should have eaten before coming here. And I should've come here earlier.
  29. *in High School Musical song*
    "This is not what I want, this is not what I planned...and I just have to say... I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. Something's not right-REALLY WRONG"
  30. I'm too squeamish to be here. Not really.
  31. Kallan is in charge of my facebook and such if I die. I never made that official, but everyone knows.
  32. Who tells my tinder matches if I die?
  33. How does this get explained?
    I jumped over a chain that was two feet off the ground. Back foot snagged on it. I face planted...on my knees, hips, elbows and hands...on concrete before lacrosse practice and then stupidly played basketball on it.
  34. That's just so embarrassing.
  35. Coordination isn't really a strong point of mine.
  36. Hey but you know what I am coordinated enough for?
  37. Walking myself to Chipotle next door.
  38. But actually I want a breakfast sandwich.
  39. Ugh imagine Chipotle breakfast burritos.
  40. Oh man, that's prime.
  41. Thou shall not think about food when food is not accessible.
  42. Hey friends, check out what this looked like immediately following the injury.
  43. Then this.
  44. But hey, improvement is always happening.
  45. Club lax never stops.
  46. Except for last night; when I cancelled practice because 40 degrees at 8 pm on a Friday in college is just not necessary.
  47. The waiting room is playing House Hunters and it's featuring a sappy Texan couple.
    What a time to be alive.
  49. Suh, dude. Hmu?