1. Magazine
    A la Kinfolk, The Great Discontent, Business of Fashion, maybe even Monocle. Independent publishing has made a comeback, and I want in.
  2. App
    I don't have any brilliant app ideas yet but I question why so many apps follow the same design practices. Note: I didn't say "trends" because app design & development is influenced by the technology it's supposed to operate in, or something. I don't know but I want to.
  3. Lookbook
    See: Mansur Gavriel, Loeffler Randall, Need Supply Co., Everlane, COS — they have all excelled at presenting clothes in new ways that match their very specific, beautiful brand; they outdo themselves without overloading us with celebrities, models, or overly complicated sets.
  4. Store
    After years of shopping experience, I know there is so much design potential when trying to sell things + great experiences at the same time.
  5. Notebooks
    I live for my plain, soft cover, black leather Moleskine but I do wonder if I could design an alternative that is different, but great and also the same. Does this make sense? No? Okay.
  6. Postage stamps
    I don't know how you even get an offer to design a stamp (and I've googled it) but I love the idea of designing something so small yet so very important to people's communications. Do I send mail? Only once a month to pay rent, but still.
  7. Maybe even a spoon
    Because as Massimo Vignelli once said, "an architect should be able to design anything from a spoon to a city", which I think applies to any type of designer.