I drink too much coffee, but how else do people stay awake? Rational bedtime? No, thank you.
  1. Small latte
    Hot only — for those rare days when I get enough sleep
  2. Medium cappuccino with powdered cinnamon
    So festive — I most like to order this when drinking in the coffee place vs. on the go
  3. Black coffee
    Basic in the best sense of the word — I miss the days when basic was a just a word to use when something was simple and to the point.
  4. Double espresso on ice with whipped cream
    Also known as "The Ellen" per @EllenLaux
  5. Americano with extra sugar
    Dark but sweet, iced or hot depending on weather.
  6. Last but not least,
    Special mention to Lola Coffee 💕, my go-to for 4/5 of these orders — 5th one being black coffee, which is almost better at home/office