Hi! Sorry if I took too long to write to you! Do you need suggestions as to what to send to me? Am I too late and you already got this? Not to worry!
  1. I love receiving gifts just for the sake of it
  2. I really am not picky
  3. I think if you're the type of person to be in this app, and decided to partake in this awesome Secret Santa Initiative by @ChrisK, you really can't get this wrong
  4. But if you're still drawing a blank...
  5. I love: books, sketchbooks, the color black, coffee, chocolate...
    Candles, art prints/posters, postcards...
  6. My favorite brands/stores are Glossier, Kinfolk, Monocle, Need Supply Co., Julia Kostreva, COS, & Other Stories
    Not that you need to get me anything from any of these places, but I think this can give you an idea for what I love in material objects. Do I sound too shallow? Let's try this again.
  7. The simple fact you want to give something to a complete stranger in light of the holidays, and to celebrate the awesome community here @list is extraordinary
  8. So thank you for whatever you are sending/already sent! I'm happy to be your Secret Santa person! 🌟